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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updated Podcast List - 10/12/10

Current Podcasts Name

At the Kitchen Table Deb
BarknKnit Natalie
Belle of the Ball Sherril
Brass Needles
Cast On Brenda Dayne
Changelings Knit and Stitch Podcast Catherine
Cloudy with a Change of Fiber
CogKNITive Podcast Dr. Gemma
Craft Lit Heather Ordover
Craft Mentality Tasha & Amber
Crafted By Us Michelle Johnson
Crafternoon Tea with Granny GrannyG
Destiknits Kerrie James
Doubleknit Erin and Jessica
Dyeing to Knit
Electric Sheep
Electronic Knitting Group
Family Knits Podcast Allison
Fiber Beat Wonder Mike
Fiber Lust Jenn
Get Loopy
Here's To Ewe! Stefanie & Emily
High Fiber Diet Podcast Coggie & Bams
Its a Purl, Man Guido
J. Knits Knitting Podcast Julie & Friends
Jewish Diva Diaries Diane
KIPing It Real Jackie
Knaked Knits Sydney
Knit Berroco
Knit Cents Roue
Knit Happens
Knit Knit Café
Knit Misadventures Elise
Knit Naturally Podcast Dawn
Knit Obsessions with zknits
Knit Picks Podcast Kelly Petkun
Knit Science Miriam Quinn
Knit Sibs Knit Sibs
Knit Spirit Ivy Reisner
Knit Therapy Kim Stephenson
Knit Together Kate & Tammy
Knit Wits, The
Knitajourney Susan
Knitlark Lane Celeste
Knitmore Girls Jasmin & Gigi
KnitPod Melissa
Knits Up! Mindi
Knitted Spoon's Podcast lapopi
Knitters Wading Pool, The Beftefur
Knitters with Critters
Knitting History
Knitting in the Round Natalie and Leslie
Knitting Knirvana Suzanne
Knitting Pipeline Paula
Knitting Psychos Manda
Knitting Rose Lise Wilson
Knitting with Company
KnitWit: Rantings of a Rabid Knitter Carry
Lets Knit2together Kat
Life as a Nuurdy Girl
Lime N Violet Lime & Violot
Manic Purl Chrissy
Math 4 Knitters Lara
Never Not Knitting Alana
Ready Set Knit Webs
SassyPants Knitter
Savvy Girls Deborah & Melissa
She-Knits Sharron
Sidders' Knits
Social Knitworking
Spin Control Shilo
Spin Doctor
Stash and Burn Nicole & Jenny
Sticks and String David Reidy
Stitch It Podcast Meghan
Strings 'n Things
Sweaters for Dragons
The Anatomy of Knitting Podcast Erin
The Crooked Row Podcast
The Grim Knitter
The Knit Girllls Laura & Leslie
The Knitting Librarian
The Knitting Show
The Sassy Sheep
The Well Knitted Life
Yarn Craft Lion Brand Yarn
Yarn Thing Marly
Yarngasm Voolenvine
Yarns from the Plain

Older Podcasts
A Dog, Diapers & DPNS
A Very Palpable Knit Rycrafty
About Time Whit Larson
acynfulsmind's podcast cynthia
Arlene Tats & Knits Arlene Jones
At the End of the Row
BeanKnits and Spins LadyBean73
Brown-Eyed Mom
Charlie's Lifestyle Knitting Video Cast
Christa Knits Podcast Christa Giles
College Knitter Lauren Anne
Conversations with Adrienne's Podcast Adrienne
Crafty Girls Oxygen Media
CRL w/Vickie Howell Vickie Howell
Crochet locket
Crochet Unraveled
CrochetCast Jeanie Gist
Damknits Erin Harrington
Delusional Knitter
Diva Knitting Cheryl Kemp
Faer Knitters
Faery Knitting Erin
fairieknits Aimee Abernathy
Fiber and Film Holly
Fiber Tudes
FiberCult FiberCult
Fluffalicious! Fluff-a-Licious
Fluffy Clouds and Crochet Hooks Shannon Schaurer
FyberGeeks Britt, Misha & Rich
Ganiggle Knits Wendy
Gives Good Knit Tika Angie Volz
Ilikeyarnpodcast Mrs H (Aych)
Irie Knits
J. Knits Knitting Podcast Julie & Friends
JustLindaOnline Knitting JustLindaOnline
Katie's Knit Knat Podcast Katie Cannon
Knit Chat - Sorka Denise
Knit Views Kristin Page
KnitCast Marie Irshad
knitcentric's Podcast Shannon
Knitscape with Becca and Betty
Knitter Uncencored
Knitterati (Video) Nina Casey
Knitter's Review Live Clara Parkes
Knitting at Night Casey
Knitting News Cast
Knitting Purls Ida Walker
Knitting Step by Step for iTunes Ivy Reisner
Knitting Time Together Theresa
KnitTunes Maura Pfeifer
Knitty D and the City Wendy and Christina
Knitty Nora's knitting natter Knitty Nora
KnitWith.Us KnitWith.Us
Leisure Arts - The Art of Everyday Living
Lixie Knits It Lixie
London Crochet Cast
Mamascrapalota Knits and Spins
Miss Flip Knits
Moonlight Stitches anneland22
Musings of a Peaceful Knitter Lisa Akers
Nana's Knitting
Odd Balls
PassonKnits Julie
Piscean Knits
Pixie Purls Podcast
Podcast Me @ J. Knits Julie and Stephanie
Pointy Sticks Christine Selleck
purl diving Katherine Matthews
Secret Knitting
Silky Knits Sarah
Sleepy Eyes Knit Gina House
Sock Tart Maire
Socks for Soldiers Inc Stephanie Myers
Socks in the City Carrie Barraco
Spin Knit to Me
Spun in the Sun Michelle and Sandi
SSK Shannon & Stephanie
Stasia's Place Podcast
Stitch Stud & His Bride Charles
Stitches in Time The Lady
Subknit Juilet
The Crochet Side Brianna
The FiberCast Caroline
The KnitGrrl
The Knitting Cook mp4 Faith AD
The Mosh Knit Brooklynne Michelle
The Sweater Side Serenity
The Yarn Garden
Thoughts to Knit by
Time2Knit Knitting Podcast Donny
Unhinged Knitter Tonks
Unwound Kelli Robinson
Virtual Cappuccino Alanna Nelson
Welcom to Pomcow
Whiskers in a Twisted Stitch
Y KNIT -- genetically speaking hizknits & wonderMike
Y2Knit Podconnection
Yarn Talk Rachel Levine
Yarns From the Southland


Silja Devine said...

Thereis a new podcast called Ullstund. It is a norwegian knitting and spinning podcast hosted by Siljadevine and Tanteull

Maire said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to let you know that the SockTart podcast has been somewhat dug up, brushed off, given a new name, and a bit of a format & hosting change.
After that, of course, there was the flash of lightning and I had to scream "It's Alive!" Kinda startled the Husbeast.
I've renamed it Stringchronicity, and you can find it at
Thanks :)

Betani said...

Hi, just thought I'd let you know that Arlene Tats & Knits is back up and running again, so it can probably be moved back to the current list!

Kristin said...

knitviews is back up and running at


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