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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Yarniacs Podcast


Kelly McCullough said...

My video cast is Purple Photokitty's Artwork which is about knitting/crochet/spinning act

1to1 said...

Purple Photokitty was featured on August 23, 2011.

1to1 said...

My apologies that it was not on the Video Podcast is now!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Rebecca said...

I have listened to the first 3 episodes of this podcast and am realyl enjoying it. the hostesses are charming, engaging, and fun and have a ton of inspirational thingson the needles.
i reccommend this podcast.

thank you 1to1 for providing such an extensive list of all these gazillion knitting and crafting podcasts. dont know how you do it lol.

i mentioned your blog on my PC a few episodes back and hope that others will maybe start to leave comments that might help viewers here.


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