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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dark Matter Knits


Donna said...

Hi, there is a new UK podcast, just released it's 3rd episode called The Baarmygirls Podcast

Also available on iTunes

Hope Ford said...

Here is my new Knitting Podcast:

Anonymous said...

Hi I have a new podcast called crocodile yarn dee
Link to my blog is
Show notes and you can watch the podcast
Thankyou :)

Charlotte said...

Hiya, my (audio) podcast is back after a hiatus. You can find it at:

The show notes are on my website alongside each episode, and the podcast is also available on iTunes & YouTube.

Thank you :)

Laurie in Maine said...

Many Audio podcasts are listed in Video updates. Are they being tagged incorrectly? Annoying! Has nothing to do with DarkMatterknits...which I love!

Sarah Hunt said...

Hello, I have a new podcast, Fiber Trek. It is on YouTube but is linked here in the blog:

Thanks a million this is a great site!

Stitchmistress said...

Hey I have been podcasting (audio) for over 2 years! I was on a brief hiatus, but I'm back! Shownotes soon.


Updated Audio Podcast