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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Please list (including a link) any new knitting/crocheting/fiber related podcast in the comments here.

If you notice a link not working, please let me know.


Virginia said...

Audio podcast not included is Relentless Knitting Company, link

Laura Gesin said...

KnitReadPray audio podcast is now on iTunes

Paranormal Knitting and Crochet said...

Spooky Knitting and Crochet Podcast, Paranormal Theme with a real ghost story each week


susan93940 said...

Yarn Parlor is a new video podcast--Episode 6 is the latest.

Lake City Knitting said...

I just started a podcast, Lake City Knitting.

savedbygrace said...

SOUL Stitcher Knitting Podcast
Started Nov 2014

susan93940 said...

Thanks for the invite to watch your podcast. I enjoyed 3 or 4 and loved the podcast about the birds in spring.
Would love to see your finished gray shawl.

Grandmatutu said...

Tilly Trout

Andrea Doig said...

Hi. We've just released the very first episode of the Fruity Knitting Podcast (video).

Meet Henry VIII, St Brigid, the dog and the daughter.

Check out our record breaking extreme knitting.

And then subscribe to the Fruity Knitting YouTube Channel so you don't miss Episode 2!!

Spicy Homemaker said...

Spicy Homemaker podcast a Knitting and Creative Living podcast.

Thanks for keeping such a great list of podcasts available for easy reference.

Sue said...

Inside No 23 is an awesome knitting podcast. Also there is one called Knitorious too which is great.


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