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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ewe University


Jenn S said... has new posts

Jenn S said... has new posts

Ammie Cannon said...

Thank you so much for posting about my podcast, knit.theory. I have had to change my host site. Would you please update your listing to link my new webpage?
Thanks again!

Rhian said...

Another audio knitting podcast:

Vicki said...

Please update my podcast, Heartland Knits, to it's new hosting site at
Thank you!

Mary Kay said...

Pen, Hook and Needles is very consistent with their weekly knitting/crocheting podcast.

Anonymous said...

i have a new bi-weekly show - the stitch by stitch videocast

The Sampler Girl said...

Oh how wonderful to find this blog of knitting podcasts - I love them!!

And I have one if you want to add!

The Sampler Girl Podcast

also on buzzsprout and iTunes



Updated Audio Podcast